Dear parents,


Compliments of the season to you.

You are heartily welcome to the second term of the 2015/2016 session; we believe you had a jolly Christmas celebration and a happy New year celebration with our children and we trust you are ready to face the exciting events and activities of this term.

We welcome our new parents and pupils, and we assure you that you have made the right choice for your child.

This term promises to be filled with exciting activities and we require your cooperation as they unfold through the course of the term.

* We shall continue with the theme for the session which is SPACE.

* All tellers as well as print-outs of payments should be returned to the school and given to the accountant to enable him issue receipts appropriately. Kindly fill and return the forms for optional services sent home last term to the accountant as well.

* Our Inter House Sports Competition will come up on Saturday, 6th February by 10:00am. Rehearsals will commence in earnest by next week in preparation for the events on that day.

* Our World Book day will come up on Thursday, 3rd March. We will like our pupils to come dressed as the favourite character in any story book of their choice. We implore our parents to start planning towards this.

* All co-curricular activities, club activities and after school lesson will begin at the second week of resumption at the designated days.

* Swimming lessons will begin on Friday 15th January, we implore parents to print name on pupils belongings for easy identification, it is very essential. Pupils that use the bus facility will be dropped off after the swimming lessons, while parents of pupils not using the bus facility can pick their children from the school from 3:30pm.

* Parents of our pupils who use the bus facility should get their children ready for the bus at the designated time. Prompt drop-offs and pick-ups will be highly appreciated for pupils who do not use the bus facility.

Pick-up or drop-off of pupils using the bus facility will not be extended beyond the gate. This is for security reasons.

* For pupils not using the bus facility, there will be a grace period of 45mins after the closing time. Late pick-ups of such pupils will attract a fine of N2,500 every hour beyond the grace period, which must be paid before the pick-up of your child.

* After School service is available for children who might require it. Interested parents should please contact the Office for further details as regards this.

* Homework will be given daily. This has to be done and we implore either of the parents to append his/her signature in the pupil’s dairy.

* Books should be handled carefully as the school will not tolerate any form of mutilation.

* Toys, phones and other electronic devices or personal effects from pupils are not allowed in the school premises including the bus. A written request will be sent by the class teacher of the management when any of these items are required in the school. Such items found with pupils will be seized and donated to charity.

*Closing time for Nursery pupils is 12:30pm while that of Primary pupils is 2:00pm and/or  3:00pm for pupils waiting for after school lesson.

* We have a lot of activities ahead of us and request that you attend when invited.

We wish you all a pleasant term with us.

Attached is the school calendar for the term.


Term Dates and Calendar