Hooray! We are pleased to bring you our first edition of Debiruss Nursery’s Newsletter this session!!!


Below are highlights of some of the learning and activities from the past week:

Early Learning

We are happy to be in school; for many of us, it’s our very first experience in school. It’s a little different from home but we are quickly adapting to our new environment and teachers and are beginning to enjoy our new environment.

  • Our work has started in earnest and some level of concentration is shown.
  • We had lots of fun learning and identifying the sound “a” and we are working on our pencil grip, we know that we will get a hang of it soon.
  • We also had fun decorating an Apple in our scrap books.


Nursery 1

This is our 2nd week of the term and learning has been fun and interesting.  This term we will be learning a lot about recycling, that is how to reduce waste and re-use old items in a new way.  Every day we get a chance to express ourselves creatively through lots of physical activities which are linked to topics and themes we are being taught.

For us in Nursery One, we have had fun learning about shapes and have also made a house using squares, rectangles and triangles during Art and Craft.


We also had fun making smiley faces and ladybirds using buttons (for the eyes) and paper plates which we painted ourselves.

We have been practicing writing numbers from 0 – 5 using number charts, flash cards and sand trays.

We enjoy all our outdoor activities including “Hit it” – a fun game. These activities help to keep us strong and active.

We have also had lots of practice with our letter sounds; associating various objects with their sounds, and identifying the sounds of the first letters of our names.

At circle time, our teachers spoke on the topic – “Don’t be a bully”, we had to listen carefully to the instructions and follow them. Bullies are naughty; we will not be bullies, we are all good and kind children.


Nursery 2


It has been fun since school resumed.

We have learnt new things like: making a flower stack using coloured papers and old newspaper. This helped us practice recycling old materials, turning them onto new items.

We also learnt the different stages of human growth from baby to grandpa/grandma.  We are practicing counting, identifying and writing of numbers using lego bricks, abacus, flash cards and number charts.

We are also learning how to blend 2 and 3 letter sounds to form words like in, at, of, sit, mat and so on.

We look forward to having lots more fun as we progress in our learning.

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