• Who teaches us– a group of nursery teachers dedicated and trained to help nurture and develop the knowledge, abilities and social skills of children between the ages of 2 to 5 years old and also in still skills that will help the children prepare for primary education.
  • What we learn-the children in the nursery form part of the foundational stage of learning usually called the early years. Our little learners are very inquisitive and can be quite restless and so we have taken the pains to develop a curriculum that is well-balanced and caters for their learning needs across various areas. These areas include
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
  • Communication and Language.
  • Physical Development.
  • Literacy.
  • Mathematics.
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design.

Play is incorporated into these areas to allow the children enjoy their learning process.
Each child is treated as an individual with different learning experiences. The learning experiences are presented in a cross curricular way based on themes and topics of interest. The pupils are regularly assessed throughout the three years of Nursery and an outline of their progress is recorded and shared with parents on a regular basis.

  • Nursery Day– this is a day set aside for parents to have an opportunity into the nursery world at Debiruss School. The children offer several presentations based on themes and topics shared during the term. It is usually a session filled with information, interaction, fun and laughter.
  • Facilities– the nursery classes are based in several bright and comfortable classrooms within the school grounds with dedicated play areas and adequate restrooms.
  • Admissions– Debiruss School welcomes prospective parents to the school.The admission process includes:

Complete application forms and return to the school with the two passport photographs, immunization records and report from previous school where necessary.
Schedule an appointment to visit the admissions officer to complete the process. Please email info@debiruss.sch.ng or call 09099169954 or 08033024888 for more information.
We look forward to helping you with the admission process.