directorwebWelcome to Debiruss website. I hope it offers an insightful preview of a school which aims to provide its pupils and students with an excellent all round experience.

Debiruss is a special institution as not only is there a strong emphasis on education, there is a culture of treating all our pupils and students as individuals, providing life enhancing skills, a strong sense of community and Christian values. Its aim is to promote and ensure the development of upright, international citizens and provide a curriculum which ensures that this actually happens.

Our teachers are committed to innovative teaching methods and the highest possible educational provision. They utilise various physical and virtual learning environments to support student learning while providing appropriate support and feedback. Consequently, our students find themselves in a warm, caring and nurturing environment which is student centered and dedicated to helping them attain the highest standards.

I hope you will take the time to view our website where you will find a wealth of information about our ethos, traditions, history, educational programmes and current developments in the school.

Warm regards,
Yinka M. Oni (Mrs.)
Director of Schools