At Debiruss College, we educate students’ in the broadest sense, that is, we give them the tools with which to attain wisdom and knowledge.


From their very first day at the school we aim to foster in our students a curiosity and thirst for knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live. This we achieve through nurturing the desire for knowledge and inspiring a love of learning; as a result the students flourish and are stimulated intellectually.

To maintain this enthusiasm our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of individual pupils as they progress through the school. At all stages there is an emphasis on the development of appropriate study skills and increasingly greater independence in learning, so that pupils can access the curriculum and make full use of the opportunities it provides for academic and personal progression.


Teachers are always available during free periods and after school to provide support to students when needed. Our expectations are high and pupils are challenged to achieve their personal best in a variety of spheres and to take personal responsibility for their own learning. The curriculum is delivered in an environment of mutual respect, support and encouragement, with an emphasis on the promotion of the school’s core values in excellent education.