Our Motto: Passion for excellent education


The path to excellence and distinction should begin from childhood. This firm belief has led to the vision of establishing a school that builds an excellent foundation for the young ones; so that the dream for the advancement (technological and otherwise) of our nation can be fully realized. Our contribution to a nation that can express herself jointly with other nations in scientific and technological heights has found itself in the expression of DEBIRUSS SCHOOLS, a school whose watchword is “Excellence and Distinction”.

To achieve this we focus on Playgroup, Nursery, Primary and College education. This project took off effectively in September 2000 with the Playgroup, Nursery and Primary sections in Ajah. Years later in 2008, the College was established in Ogombo.


  1. Provide opportunities for pupils and students to gain confidence and a healthy self-concept.
  2. Understand and meet the developmental needs of each child socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.
  3. Foster an excitement about school and learning.
  4. Teach problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution.
  5. Equip pupils and students to live effectively in the modern world of science and technology.
  6. Develop and project the Nigerian culture, art and language as well as the universal and cultural heritage
  7. Raise a generation of people who can think for themselves, respect the views and feelings of others, respect the dignity of labour and appreciate those values specified under broad national aims so as to enable them live and function as good citizens.
  8. Foster Nigerian unity with emphasis on the commonality that unites us in our diversity.
  9. Inspire students with a desire for achievement and self-improvement both at school and later on in life.

Vision Statement
  • Education should meet individual needs
  • We will make a positive difference to the lives of pupils
  • Pupils will be enabled to reach their full potential within the context of their individual needs
  • All children and young adults will be treated with dignity and prized for the contributions they make
  • Individual differences will be recognised, respected and celebrated and equality of opportunities recognised
  • We will have the highest expectations for our young people
  • We will be passionate about progress
  • Staff will be valued and supported


Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to mould every child into a total person in order to help them achieve excellence in all areas of life.
To fulfil this, we will endeavour to:
  • Work as one team.
  • Adopt multidisciplinary assessment to inform planning and delivery of services to meet students’ individual needs.
  • Work in partnership with parents, listening to, learning from and respecting their contribution when discussing the needs of their own child.
  • Value staff and encourage their continual development.
  • Value staff equally, building on the history, good practice and collective knowledge within the school, drawing on the experience of all.
  • Give staff the opportunity and provide a culture within which they can take pride in their work and use and develop their expertise
  • Have high expectations of staff whilst recognising time constraints and promoting a good work-life balance.
  • Ensure staff are reflective practitioners who strive to refine, improve and open up their practice.
  • Review, debate and develop the curriculum
  • Create a centre of excellence in education that provides a first class, age-appropriate curriculum that focuses on individual needs, strengths and abilities
  • Continually review and debate the concept of education, maintaining a focus on creative, innovative approaches to the curriculum
  • Enable pupils to make their own choices, be ambitious and learn from each other
  • Ensure that assessment is relevant, comprehensive, transparent and that there is a strong evidence base of each pupil’s progress
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to constantly refine and generalise their learning within a range of context

Our Culture
  • A ‘can do’ culture underpinned with flexibility, adaptability and open-mindedness
  • A highly visible Leadership Team with an open-door policy throughout the school
  • Staff who take pride in their work and use and develop their expertise